Asean Young Leaders Forum

AYLF is a platform for youths in championing ASEAN issue and fostering networking among ASEAN young leaders by 2020.

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The ASEAN Young Leaders Forum (AYLF) is a network of

ASEAN young leaders formed by 30 youths from Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand of diverse educational and professional backgrounds - they comprise medical practitioners, lawyers, businessmen, social activists and students. The formation of ASEAN was a result of a historical meeting in Bandung, Indonesia on 8-10 November 2014.

The vision of AYLF is to gather the best leadership talents and steer them into championing contemporary issues pertaining to ASEAN countries.

In addition, it aims at building a mutual relationship and strengthening regional cooperation among ASEAN countries. Four AYLF missions have been delineated:


To build and enhance networking with  ASEAN community.


Address Issues

To train youths to become global leader and to address ASEAN issues

Positive Cultural

To promote and empower positive cultural values among ASEAN community.

Young Leaders

To produce young leaders who are successful in international relations, socio-cultural and entrepreneurship arenas.

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