Asean Young Leaders Forum

AYLF as a Youth Platform to Empower Asian Community via Collaborative Advocacy

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The ASEAN Young Leaders Forum (AYLF) is a network of

ASEAN young leaders formed by 30 youths from Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand of diverse educational and professional backgrounds – they comprise medical practitioners, lawyers, businessmen, social activists and students. The formation of ASEAN was a result of a historical meeting in Bandung, Indonesia on 8-10 November 2014.

The vision of AYLF is to gather the best leadership talents and steer them into championing contemporary issues pertaining to ASEAN countries.


In addition, it aims at building a mutual relationship and strengthening regional cooperation among ASEAN countries. Three AYLF missions have been delineated:


To build networking and enhance collaboration among ASEAN community and local authorities.

Address Issues

To address ASEAN issues – social-cultural, economy & political securities.

Young Leaders

To instill humanistic leadership among youth.

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