Public statement on Rohingya Crisis by Asean Young Leaders Forum (AYLF) Malaysia

21 November 2016


The recent waves of violence against Myanmar’s Rohingya minority has taken a huge toll on human lives and caused massive destruction to buildings and properties. Hundreds have been reported dead over several days, not accounting for those injured, missing and displaced. Despite the on-going mass killing and ‘ethnic-cleansing’ of Rohingyas – verified by strong evidences – many world leaders have failed to condemn this tragedy.

Myanmar’s famous leader who is a Nobel Laureate in Peace seems to be silent and reluctant to openly address this grave injustice, thereby baffling the rest of the world.

AYLF strongly condemns the acts of murder, rape, arrest and torture of all Rohingyas in Myanmar by the Burmese state institutions.

We also call upon the international community, political leaders, non-governmental organizations and every individual with conscience to take action in order to end this heinous crime. The Malaysian government needs to have a strong political will in championing this issue at the regional and international level, while opening the border for Rohingya asylum-seekers.

Academics, field experts and policy-makes should play their role in influencing how we engage with other stakeholders, and formulating more effective strategies to address the issue of refugees in Malaysia. Malaysian society must collectively protest against this oppression by:

1) persuading our government to take a more active role;

2) pressuring the Burmese government through Myanmar’s Embassy;

3) raising awareness and initiating more discussions on this issue;

4) advocating for refugees’ rights;

5) showing support and providing assistance for the refugee communities.

Dr Raudah Mohd Yunus
Dr Nur Aisyah Zainordin
Asean Young Leadership Forum (AYLF) Malaysia Comittee