22nd September 2019, 22 Muharram 1441 Hijrah

1. In conjunction with the AYLF Roundtable Discussion 2019 at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia with the theme of “Race without Nation in A World without Borders: The ASEAN Perspective”, AYLF as a part of wider network of ASEAN youth organization hereby declares its full commitment to provide continuous support and assistance to the Rohingya refugees, and strongly condemns the ongoing ethnic-cleansing in Myanmar.

2. Our stand is based on the following observations supported by evidence:
2.1. The Rohingya community is regarded as stateless given the fact that the Burmese government has been refusing to acknowledge them as one of the 137 minority groups in Myanmar.
2.2. The Rohingya community has been denied citizenship and other basic rights to which ordinary Burmese citizens are entitled. They have also been subjected to various forms of oppression such as unjust taxation, confiscation of lands, destruction of personal properties and forced displacement.
2.3. Based on the Amnesty International report, the Rohingya community has been suffering continuously from violation of human rights and aggression by the Burmese military since 1978. As a result, many of them had fled to neighboring countries such as Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia.
2.4. The United Nations has listed the Rohingya ethnicity as one of the most oppressed and persecuted minorities in the world. Among the most inhuman operations carried out against the Rohingya was ‘King Dragon Operation’ which was part of “The 20-year Rohingya Extermination Plan”.
2.5. The United Nations has clearly condemned the mistreatment of Rohingya by the Burmese government, calling it ‘textbook ethnic cleansing’.

3. Therefore, AYLF which now has an established network in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia and Sri Lanka urges all youths particularly those within the ASEAN region to unite against such ethnic cleansing in Myanmar and provide support to the Rohingya community.

4. AYLF calls upon the authority, stakeholders and ASEAN youths to collectively:-
4.1. Pressure the Burmese government to amend the Burmese Citizenship Law 1982 in order to include and acknowledge Rohingya as one of the minorities ethnic groups in Myanmar.
4.2. Put an immediate stop to all forms of violence and ethnic cleansing.
4.3. Denounce Burmese military aggression against the Rohingya.
4.4. Support the Rohingya community in all possible ways, with an emphasis on education and health,
4.5. Work towards creating a safe and peaceful ASEAN, which cherishes and celebrates diversity.

5. As the resolution of this AYLF Roundtable Discussion 2019, fives resolutions have been agreed collectively to be transformed into actions which are:-
5.1. Calling all ASEAN leaders and stakeholders – including governments, private sector and NGO to unite and act as a collective responsibility to help and assist Rohingya refugees for the rights for protection, to work, to provide access to basic education and healthcare without discrimination.
5.2. Proposing a legally binding ASEAN convention on refugees in the spirit of the Refugee Convention 1951.
5.3. Proposing policy or framework for refugees in Malaysia and include relevant stakeholders in policy committees.
5.4. Allowing access for all refugees include Rohingya to access to accredited primary, secondary and tertiary education.
5.5. Find ways to develop a more sustainable healthcare financing mechanism for refugees to ensure greater access to health services & affordable care.

6. As an organization with members from across disciplines and sectors, AYLF is always eager and ready to collaborate with any governmental or non-governmental organizations, educational institutions and other groups for further initiatives aimed at raising awareness about the Rohingya crisis.

Thank you.

Puan Farah Nabilah Abdul Rahman,
Vice President 1,
Asean Young Leaders Forum Malaysia Chapter.

The resolutions have been agreed collectively by:
• ASEAN Young Leaders Forum Indonesia
• Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organization Malaysia (MERHROM)
• Islamic Medical Association of Cambodia
• Islamic Relief Malaysia
• Persatuan Belia Harmoni Malaysia
• Mahasiswa Amanah Nasional
• Pertubuhan Kebajikan Read