About Us

AYLF as a Youth Platform to Empower Asian Community via Collaborative Advocacy


To instill humanistic leadership among youth.


To address ASEAN issues – social-cultural, economy & political securities


To build networking and enhance collaboration among ASEAN community and local authorities

Where we begin

Asean Young Leaders Forum (AYLF) was first established in 2014 following a meeting that involves 30 passionate young leaders from Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. It aims to address – mainly through advocacy – important issues in the ASEAN region, which include socio-cultural, economic and politicalThrough this platform, AYLF hopes to attract a bigger number of talented young leaders who are passionate about building a better and stronger ASEAN community. Up until now, AYLF has built 6 chapters in several Asean countries including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Sri Lanka & Singapore.